Company Overview

DMJW Consulting, LLC – Bringing Talent and Great Companies Together
DMJW Consulting, LLC, a strategic recruitment solution, the approach firms acquire for their extensive resource in Human Capital.  With years of experience in the field of recruitment and technical placement, we’ve developed an impeccable recruitment and contracting strategy that enables organizations to approach the 80% of unemployed aspirants in the market.

Whether you’re planning to extend your current team or ready to look for your next “home”, DMJW Consulting will be your ultimate partner.

We Help you Rethink and Redefine Your Hiring Strategy

If you’re still following the conventional staffing and recruitment procedures such as posting Ads on social media or other web portals, it’s time now to seriously rethink and upgrade your hiring strategy.

Over the past few years, DMJW Consulting has created a supreme culture and our exclusive, people-oriented approach provides a competitive edge for our client and candidates the same, in fulfilling career growth for our candidates and quality placements for our clients.  Our objective is to build and promote quality affiliations that enable us to place talented individuals in rewarding jobs.

Our Mission
Our mission is to bridge a gap between candidates and potential employers so as to connect people and make them successful.

Our Values
Bringing a positive change in the job market for both employers and candidates is our ultimate aim. To achieve this, we pay attention to:

  • Integrity

We’re a team of highly skilled recruiters who acquire proven expertise in their respective fields. We believe in providing result-driven, consulting services to our clients. We are dedicated to imparting the maximum level of satisfaction while maintaining our core values and moral standards in all of our firm’s activities.

  • Remarkable Service

Being a true client-oriented firm, we’re intended to provide superior consulting services to our valued clients. We believe in staying humble and concentrate on long-term affiliations. 

  • Novelty

Innovation, growth and driving change are few of our objectives. DMJW is all about bringing change and sharing positive energy.

Our Services Include but Aren’t Limited to:

Strategic Solutions for Leading Engineering/Manufacturing Talent
DMJW is a recruitment firm focusing primarily on engineering and manufacturing placement. Any engineering firm should have highly qualified and experienced individuals for each and every placement, who are technically qualified and effective in every way to handle a variety of industrial and manufacturing tasks.

Our experts specialize in providing human capital solutions to these environments and have been positioning engineers with the prospective clients since 2012.

Dependable Performance

Great engineers look forward to innovation and change. So whether you require help in hiring best industry professionals or wish to uplift your engineering career, we possess the knowledge, resources, and adaptability to boosts industry knowledge and to establish and maintain our employment and placement strategies, approaches, and procedures for and throughout DMJW Consulting, LLC.